Nuscience adheres to the principle of 'from science to practical solution': the development of new products is always guided by a focus on the physiology of the animal and the needs of the market.

Nuscience group is offering a wide portfolio of high quality products for pigs, poultry and cattle nutrition. Our product offer is presented in two new and focused business units: Health4U and Nutrition4U.

Health4U and Nutrition4U are independent and interdependent at the same time. The business lines rely on the expertise and tradition of the combined knowhow from shared market knowledge, product management and product development. 

The key products within Health4U are:

  • Aromabiotic, a Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) range;
  • The natural antioxidant Vitanox;  
  • Vitafix, a range of detoxifying agents.

The key products within Nutrition4U are:

  • Young Animal Nutrition such as Porcito, Rumito, Galito;
  • The mineral feed Mervit;
  • Premixes and Concentrates.

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