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Nuscience on Ukraine today

mon, 22 feb 2016
Allard Eggink, our Commercial Director Ruminants for Nuscience Cehave Korm, gave an interview on Ukrain Today. Watch the movie here.

Nuscience CHV Korm particpated in the Agro Animal Show, an international exhibition in animal husbandry and poultry. The Dutch farmers had a separate area at the exhibition pavilion. They shared their experience of doing business in Ukraine.

Allard Eggink, Commercial Director Ruminants Nuscience CHV Korm: "Ukraine has a lot of opportunities, especially in cattle and agriculture. It's a big country, with a lot of land, a lot of opportunities. It's a growing market, it's a growing business here. If I'm looking at the moment backwards to the development of myself, of our company, then it was really the best chance in life that I had so far."

Watch the movie here.