Aromabiotic MCFA

Pure & Multi-Activated Medium Chain Fatty Acids

Discover the many benefits of this unique feed ingredient which will make a visible difference to your business, because it delivers higher yields, from healthier, more productive animals. Aromabiotic MCFA is natural, safe and the key alternative for growth promoters.

Aromabiotic MCFA has been developed by Nuscience’s own R&D department and is the original key feed ingredient used by a lot of progressive feed manufacturers. 


Get more than expected...


  • Higher technical performance
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Optimised and specific formulas for pigs, poultry & cattle
  • Efficient and safe natural ingredient


Use in pig feeding


At different stages of life, a pig is stressed by external factors. Gut health is influenced by 3 major factors being continuously in interaction with each other. By supplementing Aromabiotic to the diet the microflora and mucosa are influenced in a positive way, resulting in improved health and zootechnical performances.



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