Functional Feed Ingredients

Healthy feed for healthy food

The introduction of the Aromabiotic product range based on a combination of medium chain fatty acids and developed in-house, was a revolutionary intervention in the food chain.

Functional feed ingredients (FFI) are the key to maximizing the health and technical performance of your (or your customers’) animals and live stock in a sustainable way.

Nuscience offers a wide portfolio of innovative FFIs and holds the worldwide patent for the groundbreaking Aromabiotics, a series of pure and multi-activated Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) for animal feed.

Day in and day out, we reinforce our leadership by creating top new products and applications based on our own pioneering research.

Discover how you can benefit from Nuscience’s product leadership with our key products:

  • Aromabiotic Pigs
  • Aromabiotic Poultry
  • Aromabiotic Cattle
  • Salbiotic
  • Shellbiotic
  • Vitadys
  • Mycozym
  • Heatstop