About Nuscience

Since January 2012 Vitamex Group changed its trading name to Nuscience. Vitamex Group, including the Vitamex, Pre-Mervo, Pricor, Preconex, Cehave Korm and Lusai companies, has grown significantly in recent years. Through the merger of their parent companies into the Royal Agrifirm Group, all companies joined forces and are now the Nuscience Group. The resulting synergy brings a wider portfolio and a broader technical service to the global market. Recently also Novimix and Metachem Nutrientes joined our Group.

Nuscience Group is the key partner for feed manufacturers worldwide. We are a global player in premixes, concentrates, nutritional concepts and feed additives in the animal nutrition industry.

Our product offer is presented through our two focused business units Health4U and Nutrition4U. Health4U offers the most innovative additives and functional feed ingredients which play a major role in the health, well-being and overall performance. Nutrition4U is a range of innovative and effective young animal nutrition concepts, customized premixes and performing concentrates. 

Our innovation-driven attitude enables us to supply sustainable and economically viable solutions for the efficient production of animal feed and feed ingredients. Nuscience Group prides itself on always giving its stakeholders more than they expect.

The Nuscience Group has oriented its customer-focused organization on offering a wide range of products for feed mills, integrators and home-mixers.

Quality and top performance are guaranteed by our commitment to being the knowledge partner of choice in animal nutrition and health.

Nuscience Group presently has about 700 employees and supplies products to more than 80 countries. It generates an annual turnover in excess of € 375 million and has 10 production locations around the world. 

Nuscience Group offers the very latest scientifically backed, extensively tested innovations. Time and time again, we give our customers a head start.

Besides delivering the most innovative products, we will present ourselves increasingly as your partner in future and, as such, offer an extensive range of services. We have operated under a variety of brand names in the past but now, to make the broad range of products we offer even clearer to our customers, we have decided to streamline all our activities under a new name: Nuscience, a contraction of ‘nutrition’ and ‘science’. This move will illustrate more clearly what our partners can expect from us.